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This wiki, and the website in general, are unofficial, community run resources. They are not affiliated with Boba Network.

Content on this wiki is user submitted. It is provided as is, with absolutely no warranty whatsoever. The site administrators are not responsible for, and make no claims as to the correctness or validity of any of the content on this wiki.

This wiki is open to all contributors, and makes no comment on the quality or legitimacy of any projects, tokens, etc. listed on this wiki. Creating an account is not currently required to edit the wiki (though we recommend creating one if you want to track changes to pages you're interested in), though that may change in the future if the wiki becomes subject to vandalism or edit wars (please don't vandalise the wiki). The wiki itself aims to be as neutral as possible, but we encourage as much detail as possible (cited where appropriate) be added to pages to allow users to come to their own conclusions about different projects, tokens, etc. If you need to contact an administrator you can leave a message on Bni's talk page.